My family and I have traveled to quite a lot of places over the past few years, almost always for Mathematics conferences. Below I list a few upcoming trips some as well as some of my favorite ones.

This coming January, I will be giving a short talk at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas.

We just came back from the AMS Sectional Meeting in North Carolina.

IMG_2591For the past three years, we have attended the West Coast Number Theory Conference in Pacific Grove, CA. Though it has been at the Asilomar Conference grounds for many year, this year it will be in a new location. I’m excited to see what other changes there will be this year.

Bundled up for a chilly day in Alberta, Canada after a round of talks on Diophantine equations.In June 2012, we went to Alberta, Canada, for the first time. We stayed in the Banff International Research Station for the Contemporary Methods for Solving Diophantine Equations Workshop. The people were as extraordinary as the views.

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